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Weibo can be understood as “microblog” or “one-sentence blog”.

You can write what you see, hear and think into a sentence (no more than 140 words), or send a picture to share with friends anytime and anywhere through the computer or mobile phone.

Your friends can see the information you published at the first time, and share and discuss it with you at any time.

You can also follow your friends and see the information posted by them instantly.

“Hua ti” means topic. And topic is the keyword can be used in Weibo search.

Its writing form is to put the keyword between two # marks, and then add the content you want to write. For example, #2020# is the most dramatic year.

“Guan Zhu” means attention and on Weibo this is a one-way relationship without confirmation of the other party. If you like, you can pay attention to the other party. After adding attention, the system will display the Weibo content sent by the user on your Weibo home page immediately, so that you can timely understand the other party’s newest posts. One account can only “Guan Zhu”2000 people at most. The more people you “Guan Zhu” the more information you get. The more fans you have, the more posts you post will be seen by many people.

Content is king. If you want to increase brand awareness through creative visual content, content distribution is vital to your marketing success.

WeChat and Weibo both have different user demographics, and yet their posting mechanisms are different. WeChat’s ecosystem and protection of user privacy are more in favor of marketing to a close circle of friends. Weibo is considered a Chinese “Twitter,” widely used by government and official accounts to disseminate news in real time.

Since the amount of content that can be posted through official WeChat accounts is limited, users use Weibo to get first-hand information through hashtags and trending topics. For example, Weibo is often used by users to review Covid-related situations.

Depending on the nature of your business, how rich your visual gallery is, whether you have video content, gifs, original content, designed images, and what CTAs you want to set, you can try one platform and measure the results you want or try both and see if you have enough content or team members or partners who can help you achieve the goal you have in mind.

1、 Post blog:
You can condense what you see, hear and think into one sentence or a picture, and then post it to your microblog through your computer or mobile phone at any time.
Your friends on Weibo can know this information for the first time, share and discuss it with you.

2、 View blog:
You can use the “follow” function in Weibo to pay attention to the stars you are interested in; what your friends say or post.

3、 Participate in discussion:
You can start a topic about a news article; a keyword, and invite your friends to join the discussion.
At the same time, you can also participate in the topic discussion initiated by friends.

  1. Please visit Sina Weibo registration page to register.
  2. Fill in the registration information:
  3. Click “register now” to the email you filled in to confirm the registration:
  4. Registration successful.

First register an account on Sina Weibo, and then perform enterprise authentication. (When registering, there are both individual registration and official registration). Depending on the situation, individuals usually have a microblog account first and then register. Since the information needs to be sorted for official registration, register your personal microblog account first to play.

On the personal microblog page, look for “Request Authentication” in the lower right corner, click it to open the “Personal Microblog Authentication” page, look for “Request Official Authentication” on this page, and open the “Official Microblog Authentication” page.

On the official microblog authentication page, click “Official Company Authentication”, enter the microblog, fill in the authentication information page, search for “Official Company Authentication Letter” and download it. Write the name of the company, the operator and the official seal on the official letter for enterprise authentication. Then scan.

Then access the certification information page, including company type, full name of the company, contact person, upload the business license, enter the business license registration number, upload the company official letter you just scanned, and then submit the documents for certification. After you pass the certification, you can start the microblog operation.

What you see, hear, and think in your life can be reduced into a sentence or a picture and sent to Sina Weibo to share with your friends.

There are two ways to post on Weibo: with a computer or with a mobile phone