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At first, users focused on sharing their overseas shopping experience in the community. Later, in addition to cosmetics and personal care, information sharing about sports, tourism, home furnishings, travel, hotels and restaurants appeared in xiaohongshu, which touched on all aspects of consumption experience and lifestyle.

Xiaohongshu also called Little Red Book is a lifestyle platform for young people. The mission of xiaohongshu is “inspire lives to share and discover the wonderful world”. Users can record their life in the form of short videos and pictures, share their life styles, and form interaction based on their interests. As of October 2019, the number of active users of xiaohongshu month has exceeded 100 million, of which 70% are post-90s and continue to grow rapidly.

Through the sharing of text, pictures and video notes, users have recorded the positive energy and good life of young people in this era.