Four functions of the WeChat official account update

Four functions of the WeChat official account update
  • Selected” function on the home page
    The “Selected” function is added to the background of the official account. The selected content will be displayed at the top of the official account home page as “selected author”, and up to 2 contents can be selected. It is worth mentioning that the selected content can be displayed only if the Android version of WeChat has been updated to version 8.0.21 or higher. The IOS version of WeChat will be supported later.
  • Friends pay attention too” function
    “Friends pay attention too” function is tested internally in the official account. In IOS WeChat version 8.0.20, users who have been tested internally can click “x friends pay attention” on the home page of the official account to access the “friends also pay attention” list, which appears in the form of a combination of a business card of the official account and an article. Click on the business card to go to the official account home page.
  • Floating window” function
    When the subscription number comes online with the “floating window” function, long press on the article of the information flow, and the “floating window” button will appear. Click this button to add the article to the “floating window” module. Return to the WeChat home page, click the “-” button in the upper left corner or swipe left to read the article. Currently, only Android WeChat has introduced this feature.
  • The background can reply to private messages from users for more than 48 hours
    The user in the background of the official account will reply and update the message. If the user receives a private message for more than 48 hours, he can reply to a private message. After the user replies, he can continue to interact. Previously, the background was not able to actively reply to private letters from users more than 48 hours ago.