Contribute to the Real Economy by Using WeChat and Grow Business

<strong>Contribute to the Real Economy by Using WeChat – and Grow Business</strong>

WeChat, which is known as Weixin, is China’s most prominent app today. A popular and addictive social networking tool, it allows smartphone users to send messages as well as share news, photographs, videos, and web links. It is also an important marketing tool for brands.

Recently, tech-giant Tencent, owner of the WeChat, revealed that monthly active users exceeded 1.3 billion. Additionally, contributing to the real economy with its extensive user reach and convenient mini programs, Tencent announced that these programs continue to serve more businesses and more people’s livelihood through a variety of services. The number of daily active users of mini programs exceeded 600 million (an increase of more than 30% over last year) and the average daily usage times accomplished faster growth (more than 50% over last year).

At the same time, the use of mini programs has expanded in major industries such as food and beverage, clothing, shopping malls and department stores. Since the beginning of the year, the cumulative number of visits has exceeded 320 billion, accommodating people’s needs and digitizing offline industries. The launch of information flow advertisements in video accounts along with business measures to increase efficiency has enabled advertisers across many industries, including consumer goods, grocery, food service and transportation, to generate record sales and profitability

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Based on this information, brands need to take advantage of WeChat, including WeChat mini programs, WeChat channel and WeChat pay, to grow their business and stay competitive in today’s market. 

As a trusted marketing place partner based in Shanghai, Tolmao Group is poised to help. A full-service agency providing integrated marketing solutions so that brands can get established in China, they are experts in leveraging all areas of WeChat for business growth. From account registration and channel management to creative design and ads management, they know how to promote businesses and increase sales. They even excel at using WeChat mini programs and WeChat E-commerce to complement brands’ marketing efforts and reach new customers. Their repertoire includes influencer marketing to drive traffic to WeChat accounts and CTAs while identifying, analyzing and managing the KOLs and KOCs that fit a brand’s identity and reach their desired ROI.

For brands conducting business in China, WeChat must remain an important element of their marketing ecosystem. With so many users, the app is a powerful tool for transforming content into e-commerce and converting new users.

Tolmao Group’s full understanding of the Chinese market and proficiency in leveraging all aspects of WeChat makes them the perfect partner for helping brands grow their business. They effectively combine a variety of marketing tools with innovative approaches and proven know-how to help them increase brand awareness and be successful. For more information, visit