WeChat released financial report on May 18th

WeChat released financial report on May 18th

On May 18, Tencent announced its Q1 financial report for 2022.

More than 500 million daily active users
The number of daily active accounts of WeChat mini program has exceeded 500 million, the total transaction volume has continued to grow rapidly, and further penetrated the retail, hospitality and livelihood sectors.

WeChat mini programs, Tencent conferences, WeCom and other tools are used to help Chinese enterprises and consumers, and continue to invest in strategic growth areas, including enterprise software, video numbers and games in the international market.

The content is becoming richer and the duration has increased significantly
WeChat channel continues to be well received by users, and its news, knowledge and entertainment content is becoming richer. Combined with the improvement of recommendation technology, the volume of video playback and the duration of use have increased significantly year-on-year.