Why Using an Integrated Marketing Agency Is Beneficial for Business in China

Why Using an Integrated Marketing Agency Is Beneficial for Business in China

In the past decade, many global brands have successfully entered China. As these brands have experienced growth throughout the country, smaller businesses have looked to China for opportunities to be prosperous as well.


Yet, the path to success in China is not simple. Besides language barriers and protection laws, one of the most underestimated challenges that brands face is understanding the cultural difference and what influences purchase decisions. Consumers in the Chinese market often have different motivations than in other markets. Starbucks, the world’s largest coffeehouse chain, is a good example. To accommodate the Chinese market, the brand modified its menu to include more tea and snack options as well as office delivery.


Another significant challenge is that change is happening fast, especially in the digital world. A large number of Chinese consumers use social media, and research shows that they are more active on it than in other countries. This is noteworthy since peer recommendations on social media have greater influence on the buying decisions of Chinese consumers than in other parts of the world. Products and services discussed positively on social media in China, especially by friends, are more likely to be purchased.


For these reasons among others, using an integrated marketing agency is the way to go for businesses in China. These agencies know how to navigate legal regulations and avoid common mistakes in the market, which saves time and money. They follow China’s constantly changing digital ecosystem as well as the way Chinese consumers live and interact in it. They understand the market and the importance of social media. Most importantly, they excel in project management, are efficient in implementing social media marketing, and are experienced utilizing content, strategic partnerships and affiliate programs to engage followers and attract new ones.


Integrated marketing agencies, like T0lmao Group, have helped numerous brands across different industries understand the Chinese market, target the buying behaviors of Chinese consumers and develop forward-looking marketing plans. By using social media for brand awareness and ensuring consumer engagement through a variety of marketing channels like advertising, content and KOLs that amplify messages, they have been successful in helping brands build a reputation and grow their business in China.


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