What is the WeChat Channel?

What is the WeChat Channel?

As everyone knows, the WeChat application is constantly advancing. Initially, it was for instant messaging. As more and more functions were integrated, it could be used for ordering food, getting taxis, paying bills and booking flights.

Now, there is a new gateway called Channel that allows people to see videos, pictures, likes, reviews, and more. However, the gateway feature is not available to all WeChat users yet.

So what exactly is the WeChat Channel?  In December 2019, WeChat founder Allen Zhang (Zhang Xiaolong) said the main ways that users receive content is through content sharing. Short content is still not the main stream format. He believed having a short video content portal can be beneficial for people who are not good at creating long content, but instead want to share pictures and videos.

So the WeChat Channel has been launched with the purpose of allowing more users to share information via 1 minute video or a maximum of 9 pictures. Since it is currently in beta testing, some users are not able to see it.

What value does the WeChat Channel have for brands?

  1. It becomes one of the most important portals for users to receive updates other than WeChat moment updates.
  2. It is easier to increase conversation rate as the conversation is bit difficult through other platforms like TikTok. The WeChat channel can be directly connected with WeChat official accounts, which makes it easier to increase followers and their loyalty.
  3. There is no limitation regarding the amount of followers. Users are limited to 5,000 friends on personal WeChat accounts, and those who are not friends are not able to check moments. Since there is no limitation with WeChat Channel, it is more similar to Weibo and TikTok. It can be considered equivalent to official WeChat moments.

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