What are the advantages of WeChat Mini-Programs for brands?

What are the advantages of WeChat Mini-Programs for brands?

If you live in China, it’s inevitable that you use WeChat on a daily basis. Whether it’s to connect with family and friends, post videos to your channel, or conduct business, WeChat is the most popular app with over 1.2 billion active users. More than 78% of users between the ages of 16 and 64 use the app regularly, sending 45 billion messages per day. On average, a user spends 82 minutes per day using the app. 

Since 2011, WeChat has rapidly evolved and added new features and functions. In January 2017, WeChat introduced Mini-Programs to provide an even better user experience. The technology supports WeChat’s goal of providing its users with an all-in-one experience, a “one-stop shop.” 

For brands, WeChat Mini-Programs play an important role as they offer multiple benefits. If you own a business, the best decision you can make is to develop a Mini-Program to increase your brand awareness and boost your sales. Mini-Programs are particularly suitable for diverting users from offline stores to online shopping. This breaks down geographic barriers and encourages users to make repeat purchases. Most innovative brands integrate Mini-Programs as an extension of their official accounts.

Why are Mini-Programs becoming so popular with businesses? 

These “mini-apps” are integrated with WeChat and allow users to access different types of services, such as eCommerce, without having to download new apps to their phones. This reduces the steps brands need to take to engage with their customers, resulting in higher sales. 

Here are some guidelines on what a successful brand’s Mini-Program should look like to increase the efficiency of the user experience:

1. offer quick access, instant payment, and an option to share 

2. be clear and simple and avoid long text 

3. keep features to a minimum or to core functions to reduce user’s decision time

If you need support with developing a Mini-Program, Tolmao Group has the right solution for you. We will guide you through the process, providing transparency at every step and advising you on which core features are critical to attract more customers. 

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