Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media?

With the increasing number of mobile users in China, social media becomes essential for anyone who wants to do business in China. Using social media can help to boost your site traffic. Social media posts provides an opportunity for the public to be able to find your content and click through your site.


What We Offer?

In the digital age, online presence is vital to any company and in China, getting that presence means using WeChat. Once on WeChat businesses can advertise and promote their brand to the literally one billion active users every month. It is absolutely essential.


To an inexperienced person, navigating WeChat is a struggle and using it effectively is borderline impossible.  WeChat with its shops, mini programs, advertising opportunities, and multiple accounts, is confusing and we know that, but we also know how to navigate those complexities.  Tolmao has been helping companies use WeChat for years and with our experience we know exactly how WeChat can be used to make your company grow and get recognized in China.

We provide a comprehensive service package catered to your company’s needs from set up to maintenance.

  • Profile Setup

  • Content Strategy

  • Content Translation

  • Creative Design

  • Campaign Activation

  • KPI Tracking

  • E-commerce Management