WeChat 1-on-1: WeChat Index

WeChat 1-on-1: WeChat Index

In today’s multichannel, mobile, social-media-driven world, it is important to incorporate a variety of features into marketing strategies to ensure they are successful. Additionally, it is important to stay on top of new developments that can enhance existing integrated marketing strategies and ultimately yield better results.

What is WeChat Index

Last week, Tencent introduced a new feature called “WeChat Index,” a Google Trends equivalent, on its popular messaging app WeChat. Based on WeChat’s large data analysis, the new feature is a mobile indexing that allows users to track the change of keywords in 7, 30, and 90 days. According to WeChat, its in-app index helps users capture popular words to become familiar with search trends, as well as helps the government and businesses acquire timely public opinions and respond more efficiently.

Importantly, WeChat Index helps marketers generate customer insights for more targeted marketing. Using the new feature is easy. Users just click the search icon on their WeChat app, enter the Chinese words “微信指数” (WeChat Index in English) into the search bar, hit “Search,” and the “微信指数” icon appears, enabling users to search any topic of interest.

Why is it important to use WeChat Index

WeChat Index is a trend indicator. As with all indicators, the main goal of using them is to identify new and different marketing opportunities. With WeChat Index, you can find out what the most popular searches are on WeChat and use that information to modify your marketing strategies and maximize your potential.

What are the benefits of WeChat Index

As a result of its huge user base and variety of activities immersed on WeChat, which has new and evolving functionalities such as the “mini-apps” (“小程序” in Chinese) and WeChat payment, WeChat Index can collect more user behavior. As WeChat continues to influence mobile internet users everywhere by integrating in a single app, WeChat Index is sure to be accepted by many users, which makes it a valuable tool for targeting specific consumers and an important feature of integrated marketing strategies.

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