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Web Development in China

In China web development is not as easy as it is in the rest of the world.  With over sixty internet regulations enforced by the government, China has one of the most stringent internet censorship programs in the world.  These measures have gained the nickname “The Great Firewall of China” and can make doing business in China trickier.  Many things that businesses rely on such as Google and the host of applications that they offer (Google docs, YouTube, etc) are blocked.  It is important to make sure that you correctly host and licence your website to ensure that it is accessible to people in China and your customers can access it.

Our Expertise

Navigating the Chinese bureaucracy is at worst impossible and at best irritating and slow.  Especially as a foreign business coming to China it is important to make sure that you have an expert on your side.  With years of experience creating and hosting website in China, Tolmao Group is that expert. Our backend and front-end teams will develop, optimize and adapt your website for the Chinese audience. From design to content to localization, to website hosting and licensing, we provide the best solutions for your websites to translate strategies into leads.

Our Services

  1. Web Design
    As a marketing agency our job is to make sure your website is looking its best.

    • Create content specifically for your website
    • Create a layout that is simple and easy to follow
    • Optimize your website for Chinese consumers
  2. Hosting and licensing
    As a marketing agency specializing in the Chinese market we can make sure that your website is functioning and easily reached in China

    • Guide you through the process of an ICP license
    • Assist you in hosting your website in China
    • Improve and optimize SEO to maximize traffic