Wang Wang Targets Younger Generations with Healthy Snacks

The popular Asian brand Wang Wang is promoting healthy snacks to the younger generations who are passionate about eating well, staying fit, and maintaining slim bodies. Not wanting to rely on exercise only, they prefer snacks with low sugar, less calories, and no additives to help them be healthy and thin.

Photo credit: 旺仔俱乐部 Hot Kid Fan Club

To meet the needs of this health-conscious population, Wang Wang, the privately-owned food manufacturer headquartered in Taiwan, launched a new product line of healthy snack foods and drinks last month called Fix Body. Unlike traditional Wang Wang products, Fix Body targets consumers over the age of 18 who are advocates for fitness, healthy eating, and upbeat lifestyles. Fix Body consists of four categories: gluttonous, drink, dim sum, and morning and evening. There are more than 20 healthy snacks, including coarse grain biscuits, high fiber sweets, seaweed, sweet potato chips, cod fillet, Japanese cold noodles, oat mashed potatoes, Chia seed juice drinks, oat milk, sugar free coffee, and more.

Along with these snacks consisting of grains and drinks to address young consumers’ demand for tasty, nutritious, and low-calorie fare, the well-known brand Wang Wang upgraded its packaging of these products to be environmentally-friendly. To reduce the use of printing ink, the Fix Body product line uses heat controllable aluminum and boxes made of kraft paper, which is recyclable. In addition, each snack is packaged separately in small bags for a controlled portion and the total number of calories is written on the packaging to help control intake. Wang Wang also changed the color scheme of the packaging to reflect a more soothing design for realistic consumption.

To be even more attractive to the younger generations concerned about health and weight, Wang Wang launched the “limited selection package” and the “three morning good bag” that provide specific snacks for each meal with each package containing only 1112kcal.

Wang Wang is just one of many brands that have entered the market for healthy snacks in recent years. It is a growing market, because fast-paced schedules lead to shorter meal times and more snacks. Also, with the increase in consumption more people are paying attention to eating healthier and maintaining fit bodies.

Wang Wang’s entrance into this market introduces a new, modern product line, targets the needs of a different audience, and seeks to expand its business in a competitive market. It continues its marketing strategy of other progressive product launches, like Dream Water, which contains natural ingredients, no fat, and low sugar, and has a sleep-promoting effect. Another example is Queen Alice for women, which adds collagen and fibers, and promotes enhanced beauty results.

According to Wang Wang’s 2018/2019 report released earlier this year, its new product strategy is achieving results. Annual revenue and net profit doubled, reflecting an increase of 2.8% over the same period of time last year. It is also noted that the company’s marketing strategy for future products will focus on “health, delicacy, and personalization” and rely on the Millet ecological chain system to sell goods, which will be more convenient for consumers.

Wang Wang’s launch of healthy snacks along with its future plans for additional products, enhanced distribution, and brand positioning around health, fitness, and busy lifestyles shows its determination to transform its business, meet the needs of its target market, and be successful. As to whether the company will be able to maintain its distinguished status, become trendy among the younger generations focused on a beauty standard of healthy and fit, and remain competitive, time will tell.

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