Voice Search Revolution, and what it means?

Voice Search Revolution, and what it means?

Following up the marketing trends for 2019, we need to be familiar with the voice search revolution. We are witnessing a rapid growth of voice search. According to Andrew Ng, former Chief Scientist at Baidu by 2020, majority of our searches will be voice searches.

if we focus on Chinese market, due to the complexity of writing the language voice technology is even more represented. It is 2.8 times faster to dictate Mandarin and it comes with a 63.4% lower error rate vs. typing. English is however, even more efficient to dictate — it’s three times faster with a 20.4% lower error rate. Chinese use voice technology in many ways such as in-app voice messaging, surfing the internet or voice search, operating smart devices and using digital assistants.

So, what this means for marketers?

As we discussed earlier mobile channel is something that cannot be ignored. Statistical reports show that China has an online population of around 800 million and over 95% are using mobile devices when accessing the internet. Majority of voice searches are done through mobile devices. It is very important to optimize your website in order to be suitable for voice searches.

Voice is also the future of KOLs marketing. Right now, influencers communicate with their audience using posts or live stream channels, but this is still one-way communication. Fans and consumers love being engaged and directly communicating with their idols, so building a digital influencer or building their voices into the digital assistants will enable the direct one-to-one communication between influencers and their fans.

Other important thing for voice search, since a big percent of it searching for places nearby, whether it’s a restaurant or a store, is for your business to be recommended so it pops up on the first page of results search or ensuring that your website has the answers for the brand-critical questions, since voice SEO is growing. Very important thing is to learn how to use long-tail keywords.

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