What is WeChat channel?

WeChat Channel is the official WeChat platform of Tencent, which officially announced the opening of an internal test on January 22, 2020. WeChat channel is different from WeChat subscription account and WeCha service account. It is not only a new platform for recording and creating content, but also a platform to understand others and the world. The location of the WeChat channel is also different.

It is located on the discovery page of WeChat, just below the entrance of the circle of friends. The content of the WeChat video channel consists mainly of pictures and videos. It can post videos with a maximum length of 1 minute or a maximum of 9 images. It can also contain text and links to articles from the official account. It does not need PC background and can be published directly on the cell phone. The WeChat channel supports Likes and comments for interaction and can also be forwarded to the circle of friends and chat scenes to share it with friends.