Should I use WeChat or Weibo for my business?

Content is king. If you want to increase brand awareness through creative visual content, content distribution is vital to your marketing success.

WeChat and Weibo both have different user demographics, and yet their posting mechanisms are different. WeChat’s ecosystem and protection of user privacy are more in favor of marketing to a close circle of friends. Weibo is considered a Chinese “Twitter,” widely used by government and official accounts to disseminate news in real time.

Since the amount of content that can be posted through official WeChat accounts is limited, users use Weibo to get first-hand information through hashtags and trending topics. For example, Weibo is often used by users to review Covid-related situations.

Depending on the nature of your business, how rich your visual gallery is, whether you have video content, gifs, original content, designed images, and what CTAs you want to set, you can try one platform and measure the results you want or try both and see if you have enough content or team members or partners who can help you achieve the goal you have in mind.