How to transfer files on WeChat without logging in?

WeChat has a new feature-File transfer without logging in!

In addition to social use, WeChat is also a software used by many people in the office.
I think many people have encountered such a “difficult problem” before, uploading a large file, but logging into someone else’s computer, some of the private chats were also synchronises ,which is more or less annoying.

First, update the computer version of WeChat,open the computer version of WeChat.
Search for newest versions in the settings, update the new version of WeChat.After updating, you no longer need to log in to the computer version of WeChat, you can transfer files directly.
Open the computer version of WeChat, the words “Transfer files only” will appear at the bottom.
On the page that appears later, scan the code with WeChat on your mobile phone.

The QR code will be dynamically updated here, do not worry about operating errors.After scanning the code, you can use this new function, use mobile phone and computer to exchange pictures, files, links, etc.In this state, the notification bar is at the bottom right of the computer.There is no WeChat icon.You can not chat, only file transfers can be done.It’s the same on the phone.Web version file transfer tips, do not forget to log out in time.The new feature works with WeChat scan code login.It is currently available at the same time.Scan the code and log in. “Two devices have signed in to WeChat” will be displayed on the mobile device.

If you only transfer files to a computer you do not use very often, be sure to opt out of the feature on your phone or computer ahead of time. Find the word “web version file transfer assistance has been opened” on WeChat on your mobile phone, click “Exit” “web version file transfer assistance” interface, click on the cross.