How to shop online in China?

Download, install and register shopping software. Search the mobile app market for “mobile Taobao” and “Alipay” to download and install. (Mobile Taobao is used to purchase goods, Alipay is used for payment).

Registration of the shopping account after installation, follow the steps to register, authenticate with real name after registration and connect the bank card to Alipay.

Mobile phone number will be required for Taobao account registration, you can also use this account to log in to Alipay. If you are worried that connecting the bank card to Alipay is not safe, you can transfer money to Alipay after linking your bank card, or link your card with a less balance.

Product selection. Enter what you want to buy in Taobao’s mobile APP search section. Then choose your favorite brand, style, etc. in the search results. After selection, you can pay directly or add it to cart and pay with other goods, or you can save it first and buy later.

Confirm the order and wait to receive the goods. After you enter the recipient’s name, contact number, address and other information and confirm the order information, you can click Submit Order. When the sellers see the order, they will arrange for it to be shipped. Currently, most deliveries except remote areas normally take two to five days.