How to register a corporate Weibo account?

First register an account on Sina Weibo, and then perform enterprise authentication. (When registering, there are both individual registration and official registration). Depending on the situation, individuals usually have a microblog account first and then register. Since the information needs to be sorted for official registration, register your personal microblog account first to play.

On the personal microblog page, look for “Request Authentication” in the lower right corner, click it to open the “Personal Microblog Authentication” page, look for “Request Official Authentication” on this page, and open the “Official Microblog Authentication” page.

On the official microblog authentication page, click “Official Company Authentication”, enter the microblog, fill in the authentication information page, search for “Official Company Authentication Letter” and download it. Write the name of the company, the operator and the official seal on the official letter for enterprise authentication. Then scan.

Then access the certification information page, including company type, full name of the company, contact person, upload the business license, enter the business license registration number, upload the company official letter you just scanned, and then submit the documents for certification. After you pass the certification, you can start the microblog operation.