How do you order food with Alipay and WeChat on your mobile phone?

Use WeChat to order food

WeChat a social tool we use a lot, is also integrated with third-party takeaway services, so we can use WeChat to order takeaway food.

Open WeChat and log in, go to the WeChat home page and click “ME” in the bottom right corner .

After going to WeChat personal center, click on WeChat Wallet .

After going to WeChat Wallet, find the third party provider module and select Takeout there to make a takeout reservation.

After entering the third-party takeout, you will see the takeout order page where all types of food are listed. You can select the food you want and pay for it.

Use Alipay to order food

Alipay also integrates many third-party services, including food delivery. Open Alipay and log in, go to the home page of Alipay and select “More” in the application.

After entering “More”, select the delivery service in the “Third Party Provider” module and click “Enter”.
Then you will get to the home page of the third party delivery service and see all types of food. You can select the food you want and make a reservation.

These are the two ways to order takeaway food using your mobile phone. Is it very easy? Hope it can help you.