Tolmao Group Knows Marketing and the Chinese Marketplace

Tolmao Group Knows Marketing and the Chinese Marketplace

As one of the world’s largest economies and the most populous nation, China offers huge opportunities for Brands, both as a pool for labor and as a consumer market with great potential. Yet, doing business in China can be complicated. Factors such as communication and cultural differences, non-tariff barriers, and the prevalence of state-owned enterprises can make establishing business in China difficult.

Due to this complexity, it is important for Brands to understand common challenges in China’s business landscape, be aware of areas of risk, and take the appropriate actions to mitigate exposure. The best way for Brands to do this — and be successful — is to partner with an agency that knows the culture, knows how to navigate the regulations, and has experience in the market.

Tolmao Group is a full-service agency that has expertise in helping Brands get established in China and in providing integrated marketing solutions for success. With a solution-oriented approach that ranges from market research, online content creation, and social media management to campaign activation and offline event production, Tolmao Group stands out as the ideal resource for Brands in China.

Reputation for expertise

Tolmao Group has built its reputation by working with some of the most influential multinational Brands, both large and small. Clients span many industries, including food, entertainment, and real estate to name a few. As a one-stop business solution provider, Tolmao Group specializes in creating innovative ideas that are adapted to their client’s specific needs. Their expertise is diverse and consists of setting up business in China with cost-effective solutions, creating localized marketing strategies, and providing online and offline integrated promotional tactics.

With headquarters in Shanghai, they have a deep understanding of China’s marketplace, outreach across the country, and an expansive network. What makes this marketing agency unique is its exceptional ability to get to know their clients, think on behalf of their clients, and act in their clients’ best interests to save time and resources.

Customized marketing campaigns

With a global mindset, take control attitude, and solutions-oriented approach, Tolmao Group provides customized and research-based marketing strategies for Brands entering or promoting their products and services in China. To ensure services cater to specific businesses, they hire external resources and provide training as needed, rather than maintain an in-house team that must adapt to specific needs.

A variety of services, including bookkeeping, recruitment and legal support, workshops, paid advertising, logo design, website development, social media management, content creation, visual media assets, offline events, and more, allows them to develop and implement marketing campaigns that are effective in the Chinese market. They modify proposals to continuously ensure the most appropriate promotional strategies are taken to achieve a Brand’s recognition and sales objectives. This insight and ability make their accomplishments first-class.

Ongoing success in China

With Tolmao Group, starting a business in China has never been easier. They value every relationship, offer unlimited possibilities, create the right business infrastructure, offer monthly events, and provide free weekly updates. Additionally, they are prepared to work across the country’s different provinces. They do not let the size or development of the city nor the various customs, dialects, preferences, and expectations of the consumers get in the way of a Brand’s promotion, reputation, and sales. The breadth and depth of their diverse marketing expertise is evident from client testimonials.

For Brands wishing to do business in China, contact Tolmao Group, which effectively combines traditional marketing tools with innovative approaches and a full understanding of the Chinese market. For more information, visit

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