Tolmao Group: A One-Stop Solution for Brands in China

Tolmao Group: A One-Stop Solution for Brands in China

As a leading marketing agency, Tolmao Group does not understand the concept of “one size fits all.” We take pride in crafting tailor-made projects that complement the distinct nature of each Brand we work with. Whether it is assistance with entering China, developing content for social media, planning events, or designing websites, Tolmao Group approaches each undertaking with a creative edge that makes them stand out from their competitors. Most importantly, as a one-stop solution we produce outstanding marketing strategies that increase sales and grow business.

Born out of the desire to be an all-encompassing marketing agency – delivering creative ideas, effective campaigns, and desired results for a variety of clients – Tolmao Group partners with its clients in an assortment of ways.

As a one-stop solution provider, we offer it all:

Founded with an entrepreneurial spirit, Tolmao Group is dedicated to providing services for entrepreneurs. Since we have lived it, we know how to build a reputation, scale it for growth, and cultivate long-term success. We learned first-hand how to be a successful marketer, evolve as a business leader, and advance messaging and sales. All of this experience shines through in the strategies we create for their clients.

Based in Shanghai, China, Tolmao Group has global vision as well as localized expertise. We work with Brands entering the China and achieve success with a broad perspective. Above all, we serve as the Brand’s source for entering the market and its representative office in the country, unlike other solution providers that cannot provide both capabilities.

Tolmao Group takes great satisfaction in what we do and the breadth of services we offer. Not only do we help Brands setup operations in China, navigate the nuances of the country, and hire employees, we provide consultation and expert advice about how to build a name and take business to the next level.

With a wide range of services and clients, Tolmao Group’s reputation precedes them. We have been recognized for providing cohesive end results for clients no matter what services we require. For doing business in China, their capabilities range from company registration, market entry strategy, and tax planning to workplace solutions, brand design, online and offline presence, and marketing and sales support.

Tolmao Group’s team has the creative flair and expertise to turn any marketing idea into a reality. We offer unlimited possibilities, develop the right business infrastructure, and have access to the necessary resources. Also, we are able to work across China’s different provinces, understand the preferences of the country’s varied consumers, and know how to most effectively establish a Brand for business.

As a one-stop solution for Brands, Tolmao Group makes starting a business, promoting a business, and targeting Chinese consumers easy. The breadth and depth of their diverse marketing expertise is evident from their roster of clients. Brands wishing to do business in China should contact Tolmao Group. For more information, visit

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