To have or not to have; a Chinese website

To have or not to have; a Chinese website

Many companies who enter the Chinese market are presented with the same question; Should there be a Chinese website or not?

First let’s define what a “Chinese” website is. When saying “Chinese” website, I don’t mean a website that has Chinese language on it. A Chinese website simply means that the server that is providing the website to the public is located in mainland China. But why is this location difference even important?

So, in China the internet is restricted. This means that not everybody can just get a server and start a website; there is lots of paperwork involved. The reason for this paperwork is simple, for legal issues someone has to be responsible for the content of the websites.

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Having a business license will enable you to do more in the Chinese market, a website is just the start of it all. It is a chain reaction; every step enables or prevents the next step. Tolmao has years of experience handling this kind of paperwork. To utilise all tech advantages the Chinese market can offer, a business license is definitely needed; WeChat payments for example cannot be done without it.

The necessity of a Chinese website is based mostly on the type of product or service a brand is providing. Some services do not need a Chinese service, while consumer products sold in larger quantities can create the demand for direct sales solution. Especially for companies outside of China this is also brings changes in the way orders and logistics work. So actually, the question should not be “Do we need a Chinese website?”. A better question is “Are we ready for a Chinese website?”

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