How to Effectively Use WeChat to Grow Sales

WeChat has grown to more than one billion monthly active users in the past 10 years, making it the leading app of messaging and social applications in China. It has strived to simplify daily life for its users by becoming a “one-stop” shop for social and transactional moments.

As the largest social media platform in China and one of the top social networks in the world,WeChat has become the most popular platform for companies to promote their brand, and sell their products and services.

Tolmao Group, which has a deep understanding of the business environment in China and specializes in helping companies utilize their strategy in the most efficient way, believes it is essential to engage with customers onWeChat to grow a business. With headquarters in Shanghai,Tolmao Group has successfully helped many companies establish their business in China with cost-effective solutions, create a localized brand strategy to acquire customers, and implement online and offline integrated marketing solutions to generate sales and revenue.

According toTolmao Group, WeChat offers different components that are important for businesses:

  1. WeChat chat interface. The section for users to chat.
  2. WeChat wallet. The section for users to transfer money and pay for food, services, movie tickets and etc.
  3. WeChat moments. The section for users to post and share news from their WeChat friends.
  4. WeChat channel. The video platform for users to watch, post and share videos.
  5. WeChat groups. The groups for users to chat with friends, send promotional information to potential customers and share information.

This combination of social media, chat and payment features has made WeChat a reliable and important tool for e-commerce businesses in the Chinese market. Regardless of whether companies have a Subscription or Service account, they can send unlimited messages to any user that directly messages their account. Through this interaction, companies can respond to questions, promote new products and easily convert users to customers while increasing sales.

Additionally, WeChat users will be able to open their subscription account folder or a service account to get updated information and articles. Essentially an e-commerce experience within WeChat, companies make their products accessible to users directly in the app. With a WeChat store, which is efficient and affordable, companies allow customers to use WeChat payments for purchases, collect user’s contact information and make the most of influencer campaigns. Most importantly, they offer a built-in, pleasant shopping experience for their customers.

‍One of the main benefits of a WeChat store compared to a traditional website is WeChat’s integration with influencer campaigns. Besides replying to comments and questions, companies to stay connected with their customers by sharing regular content and presents. And WeChat’s tipping function motivates influencers to create and share higher quality content, increasing the marketing value of these campaigns.

Additionally, WeChat stores make companies more visible and make attracting new customers easier. Companies can advertise using WeChat Moment ads, WeChat mini-program ads, WeChat article ads, WeChat channel ads and etc. By gaining visibility on the main WeChat social timeline, users are constantly reminded of their favorite products and services. This strategy increases customer engagement and leads to more sales. Similar to advertising banners, WeChat article ads are enticing because companies can forward users to websites, WeChat coupons, mini-programs, App stores or WeChat Official Accounts. These approaches are easy, cost-effective ways to advertise.

Tolmao Group advises that when determining how to effectively use WeChat to grow sales in China, it is important to get is right from the beginning. WeChat has become an important social and business tool for millions around the world. It is a powerful ecosystem for launching brands and obtaining business. To stand out from other companies and make the most of the app for business purposes, companies should be innovative, invest in quality content, develop loyalty programs, utilize O2O (online to offline) with QR codes and offer incentives. These are just some of the strategies that Tolmao Group helps companies with. For more information, visit

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