Tips for Successful Networking

Tips for Successful Networking

Business networking is about making connections and creating relationships. It could be with consumers, clients, vendors, people who may refer business to you and even people who may refer you to others. Successful networkers know it’s a two-way street – helping other professionals while they help you.

Here are a few networking tips:

  • Attend Events – While any activity can be a networking opportunity, attend local events, professional associations, and industry conferences. Make an effort to speak to new people, ask questions, and swap information.
  • Share Your Knowledge – Whether your goal is to promote your business, obtain referrals, or find a new job, develop a pitch that shares who you are, what you do, and who you do it for.
  • Follow-up – An important part of networking is maintaining relationships. Reach out to your connections periodically by sharing an interesting article, inviting them to a conference or sending a friendly note during the holidays.
  • Make a Request – Everyone has a different reason for networking. Whether it is for assistance, expertise or learning new ideas, know what you want and be ready to make a request when someone asks how they can help.

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