There's more to come in June…

There’s more to come in June…

Does it feel like you just got back to the office but now it’s already the middle of the year? You are not alone, we are all with you! Let’s live the rest of 2020 to the fullest! Here are the upcoming social media and Chinese holidays, as well as some notes to give you some ideas to enrich your life and business.

1st  Monday, International Children’s Day 


We hope your children are all back in school already. If not…take a deep breath and tell yourself that they are angels.


3rd  Wednesday, Leave The Office Early Day 


Let’s hope we can actually leave the office early next year!


5th  Friday, World Environment Day 


A few good things happened during the pandemic like the Earth being healed thanks to the shutdown.


6th  Saturday, Higher Education Day 


Example: Shakira, a famous signer earned her master’s degree during the quarantine. #onlinecourses #trendy


7th Sunday, National Donut Day 


Research shows that eating sweets can relieve your stress and bring to improve your mood. So have your donut and leave your stress behind!


8th Monday, Best Friends Day 


It’s about time we can all hang out with friends again!


14th Sunday, World Blood Donor Day


Giving is receiving. Let’s celebrate life by giving to those in need.


20th Saturday, World Refugee Day 


Beside the virus, there are still lots of topics that need to be discussed.


21st Sunday, Father’s Day


To my dad and yours, we love you!


21st Sunday, National Selfie Day 


Hooray! Its Friday! But first…let me take a selfie!


25th Thursday, Dragon Boat Festival

#DragonBoat #ZongZi

This festival has been marked by eating zong zi (glutinous rice)wrapped to form a pyramid using bamboo or reed leaves and racing dragon boats.


30th Tuesday, Social Media Day 

#SMDay #tolmaogroup

To you who are reading this don’t forget to #tolmaogroup on your social media to let us know what you are posting.


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