The Medical Industry and e-Commerce Thrive during Coronavirus Outbreak as Focus Turns to Health and Online Shopping

The Medical Industry and e-Commerce Thrive during Coronavirus Outbreak as Focus Turns to Health and Online Shopping

The coronavirus, named for the Chinese province of Wuhan where it was first reported, has infected more than 66,000 people to date. Although not as fatal as other global epidemics, like Ebola and SARS, reports claim that the spread of the virus is bigger than both.

There are economic concerns as a result of the outbreak. As the world’s second biggest economy and an important part of many global supply chains, the slowdown in China has directly impacted others regions. Industries, markets and policymakers around the world are trying to determine how problematic the coronavirus will be for the global economy overall. Major brands like Nike, Starbucks and Tesla are just some of the companies that have closed stores and factories in China because of the coronavirus outbreak.

There are also health concerns that need to be addressed. While some brands have been negatively affected by the epidemic, others companies, specifically in the medical industry, are finding ways to maintain business and identify new opportunities. Since no medicine or treatment for preventing the virus have been approved yet, pharmaceutical and medical research companies are testing vaccines for coronavirus on animals. To find a solution, centuries-old traditional medicine along with Western medicines are being investigated. Zydus Cadila, a leading pharmaceutical company and global healthcare provider in India, recently started a research program for developing a vaccine for coronavirus.

With no cure and the virus continuing to spread throughout the world, other health-related companies are promoting products that keep immune systems healthy and functioning, and help ward off respiratory infections. Foods and beverages rich in probiotics, like apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir, kimchi and kombucha, support gut health and digestive systems, strengthen immunity against illness, and can play a role in preventing viruses like coronavirus.



PrecisionBiotics, a world leader in researching the best of nature’s bacteria and developing probiotics that have a significant impact on human health. PrecisionBiotics products all contain bacteria that occur naturally in the human gut.  For example, Alflorex helps to balance the microbiome and maintain a wholesome immune system. Zenflore is a natural solution that reduces fatigue and supports the mind and body during busy times.

The demand for probiotic supplements is expanding rapidly as consumers attempt to stay healthy and fend off the contagious coronavirus. Probiotics can help preserve a person’s overall health during this time. They have been shown to assist in the treatment of gastrointestinal illnesses and prevent secondary bacterial infections. As consumers pay more attention to their health and wellbeing as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, probiotics could be a good way to boost immunity and avoid illness.

In tandem with the growth of healthy and natural products, e-commerce has prospered in spite of the outbreak. Not only can probiotics and other products be easily purchased online, helping to avoid transmitting and contracting the virus, people were ordered by the government to stay home and avoid public places. The combination of consumers remaining at home and spending more time on social platforms has provided an ideal opportunity for all types of e-commerce.

Despite the challenges China is facing, the implications have affected businesses and industries differently. Until the outbreak can be controlled, people will continue to focus on their health and spend time online. Those companies that are able to be flexible, adapt and adjust until the situation improves will find ways to support business.

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