The Big Picture and Particulars of Double 12 E-Commerce Promotion Day

The Big Picture and Particulars of Double 12 E-Commerce Promotion Day

Double 12, which grew out of Singles Day, is the final e-commerce holiday of the year to promote products and clear inventory. Even though it follows the more known “11/11” and “6/18” holidays, it has become to become a significant event on China’s promotional calendar.

With Double 12 quickly approaching (December 8th through December 12th), it is important to understand the particulars influencing this year’s holiday. Every year, E-commerce Promotion Day is a struggle to attract visitors because of so many businesses. Issues like high costs of materials and delivery are difficult to control and compound the problem. This article focuses on how to manage problems throughout the process – from platform traffic to content management and alignment to selection.

What are the reasons for account flow fluctuation during Q1 promotion?

With e-commerce promotion, traffic fluctuates greatly and, as a result, is often unpredictable. There are several reasons:

  • Browsing habitsEvery year, marketing promotion floods the internet. No matter which platform users browse, shopping advertisements and discounts are prominent, and shoppers pay close attention to save money. As a result, traffic remains high.
  • Media platforms endorse e-commerce advertisingDuring Double 11, Tencent, Alibaba and other media issue policies to support business. Additionally, Alibaba’s platforms prioritize advertisements, which contributes to the fluctuation of traffic.
  • Fixed number of users and advertising spaceAdvertising space on media platform is preset. As certain e-commerce advertisements lead with big promotions, advertisements of many businesses get squeezed out, resulting in less visibility and account fluctuations.

What is the best way to manage and measure flow squeeze during Q2 promotion?

Today’s e-commerce promotion lasts longer. If businesses want to make the most of the store’s GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) on the same day, they need account traffic in advance. Acquiring user traffic can be tricky. If the competition is fierce, often small and medium-sized brands are squeezed out by large brands. To overcome this, the delivery division must take the initiative to acquire volume at all stages of promotion. For example, consider Double 12 e-commerce promotion. From Double 11 through early December when traffic and competition are low, the budget can be released to increase traffic. Running the plan early and capturing traffic in advance decreases chances of being squeezed out. The week before Double 12, when market competition and traffic become more intense, use Double 12 to promote a wave of activity, retain users and pave the way for transformation. Following Double 12, when traffic eases, spread the volume to show performance at year end.

Should traffic get squeezed, there are two main options:

1. Increase price and volume – Choose a plan that has run well in recent days to increase price and volume. The range is determined according to actual affordability. Choose a plan that has been stable and successful in increasing volume.

2. Turn on intelligent volume: Implement a plan that has been effective in increasing intelligent volume. This option is stable, so the probability of running and being successful is high.

When Q3 is promoted, will the selection change greatly?

Many businesses face issues with selection during promotion because they want to attract various customers and sell everything at once. During the promotion, the selection of products changes based on what merchants want to achieve:

  • GMV growth – Paying attention to the growth of GMV enables priority for the products with positive comments, strong sales and high conversion, which can enhance traffic and transactions to the store. As the store is the next way, it is beneficial to improve the ranking of goods.
  • Profit orientation – If it is a profit model, choose products that meet the recent market trend and have a growth trend. Combined with big promotion, consider profitable products with despite price reduction.
  • Walking guidance – If the purpose is to increase the volume and attract new users for orders, choose low-cost models with high recognition, which gets customers’ attention. Good quality and low price are often best.

How to optimize materials for Q4 e-commerce promotion?

Material is an important part of advertising. Good materials are needed to present products. While materials directly contribute to retaining customers during times of tough competition, selecting them can be difficult. Consider these pointers:

  • Stars/talents – Get the screen recording authorization of stars’ live broadcast and goods to ensure the right to use the material. There are no limitations to materials. They can be used alone or mixed with other videos. With preferred content, the effect is usually better.
  • Product display materials – Product display materials are more intuitive and can be tested. Those with high click through rates mix well with high-quality 3S materials to form top-quality videos that help brand merchants shop.
  • Daily explosive material – These materials can attract price sensitive people by displaying promotions and discounts. For example, before the event mark “Double 12 at the same price” in the video so users can enjoy preferred prices in advance and keep the event price until the day of Double 12.

What if the ROI paid during the Q5 promotion is high and the transaction ROI is low? How to optimize crowd orientation?

During the e-commerce promotion, many businesses face high payment ROI and low transaction ROI. This is often a problem of crowd quality. Crowd orientation strategies form the three stages of the promotion, namely water storage and grass planting period, pre-sale deposit period and core transformation period:

1. Water storage and grass planting period – This stage involves several factors.

  • Customized live broadcast of people with goods. Personalized live broadcast orientation, brand live broadcast publicity and promotion content occupy users’ minds in advance.
  • Customized festivals and industry groups. Popular festival-theme groups and industry groups move match products and discount landing pages, identifying intention groups.
  • Customized insight into expanding the crowd. Selecting high-quality people with common characteristics allows for adjusting creative style accordingly.

2. Pre-sale deposit period – During the deposition stage for single products and promotion to attract people, effective crowd orientation strategies include crowd redirection, goods orientation, discount crowd orientation, matched with products and promotion information. Users’ habits of watching live broadcast can directly affect the live broadcast. Select people with goods for live broadcast in DMP, connect behavioral keywords with keywords of main products and brands, and target customers with recent intentions. Based on the important influence of industry advertising on e-commerce, consider the same during the DMP circle to attract interested people in the future.

3. Core transformation period – At this final stage, the focus is paying the balance. The delivery division can focus on factors accumulated in the early stage. There are two main options. One is to select easy to transform people and live broadcast people of similar projects, and combine the core population of DMP live broadcast with goods. The other is to select one high-precision expansion group and e-commerce drainage core group to lock the balance payment.

Planning Ahead

In addition to understanding the big picture and particulars of Double 12 E-Commerce Promotion Day, it is important to plan ahead. As the holiday approaches, being ready to managing any problems throughout the process, including platform traffic, content management and selection alignment, is essential. While promoting e-commerce, do not overlook the importance of development plans, testing of materials and volume creation for smooth operation while building efficiently to beat the competition and achieve success.

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