Thank You 2020

Thank You 2020
Only 10 days to 2021…

Do you remember your 2020 New Year resolutions?

We hope this unpredictable year didn’t steal all your passion and hope.

Because we are with you all the way!

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No one expected the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

1. The Impact of the Coronavirus Outbreak

2. Discover exciting affiliate programs to scale your business!

In the meantime, WeChat launched the new function of the WeChat channel.

3. What is the WeChat Channel?

Then Spring came without notice, while we were still trying to figure out how to adjust the business…

4. Should you allocate budget for marketing during this …


The weather was getting warm but people were still under the shadow of the COVID-19.

5. The future is unknown: planning in the age of coronavirus

A few months after the serious outbreak, people started to know how to fight it.

6. Pricing Strategy during the COVID-19 Pandemic

7. Highlights- Lessons from China: Ways to Adapt Your Business Strategy post COVID-19

8. Recap: The challenges and opportunities of tourism post-COVID-19

Finally, the summer was here while life seemed back to normal again. We took the opportunity to switch to offline. The heat wasn’t that annoying after months of isolation.

9. Recap: 2020 WeForShe Leading the Way

10. Street Stalls Return to Help China Revive Its Economy

11. Recap: Adapting Your Business To The New Normal

As we all thought that we took back control of our lives. The virus came back with the cold wind and Made people wonder when our life will be normal again.

12. Can Alipay & WeChat Pay prevent pandemics?

It’s time to leave behind all the uncertainty in 2020…

(Footages from “Thank You Party: Shine bright” on December 16th.)



2021, Tolmao Group is here with you. 

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