Targeted Marketing

There are almost 1.4 billion people in China, over a billion WeChat accounts, and millions of companies vying for their attention.  With so many people and so many companies targeted marketing is an absolute must in China.  Through targeted marketing your product can be shown to only those who will be interested.  This will reduce the time and money that you will need to invest in your advertising campaign while at the same time making it much more effective.

In China there are three main ways to run targeting marketing campaigns: KOL campaigns, WeChat advertising, and of course traditional email marketing.

Our Expertise

The necessity of using targeted marketing campaigns is a no brainer, but saying you need to target certain consumers is a lot easier said than done.  Chinese consumers have distinct preferences compared to other countries and are sensitive to different variables (for example Chinese consumers are much more price sensitive than consumer in the United States or Europe).  Targeting marketing can only be successful if the right market is targeted.  Regardless which platform you want to use or audience you are trying to reach, Tolmao Group can get you the positive results you want in China. After years of marketing experience, we are familiar with the Chinese market, Chinese social media platforms, and the Chinese consumer and can make sure that your advertising is being directed at the right part of the market.  With our help, your advertising and marketing campaigns will have greater success in reaching the right audience with the right message attracting more business than you could have ever done alone.

Your path to a perfect targeted marketing campaign

  1. The goal
    • We will sit down with you to identify…
    • The audience you want to reach
    • The size of your campaign
    • The desired results of your campaign
  2. The plan
    • We take the work into our own hands…
    • Working on your message and content
    • Scheduling your campaign
    • Creating a message that will have the right impact
  3. The follow up
    • Continue to promote buzz around your campaign
    • Working on your message and content
    • Analyze the success of the marketing campaign
    • Discuss further ways to promote product growth & market exposure