Start your business in China with Tolmao Group

We are a one-stop service headquartered in Shanghai, China. With a multinational team speaking more than 8 languages, we understand both Western and Chinese mentality. We are here to make your business journey in China a smooth and successful event. From business localization to brand localization to integrated solutions, we are here to take your business in China to the next level and revolutionises the way you enter the Chinese market. With our strong and extensive local business partnerships, social network and deep understanding of the Chinese market, we not only help you achieve your desired goals faster, but also unlock new business opportunities.

We serve clients from various sectors including pharmaceutical, cosmetics, beauty, fashion, automotive, real estate, food and beverage, sports and hotel such as HELLA, NOVOZYMES, COCCINELLE, PIERRE LEDENT ,BLM Group and CLESTRA HAUSERMAN. We take pride in what we do. Our cross-industry experience and being at the forefront of market change means we can help you avoid common pitfalls and save time and money.

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