Andermatt Swiss Alps AG

Andermatt Swiss Alps AG

Social Media and Content Creation


Andermatt Swiss Alps AG, a Swiss company domiciled in Andermatt, Canton Uri, is active in the construction, sale, and operation of apartment buildings and hotels in Andermatt Reuss.

Tolmao Group has been managing Andermatt Swiss Alps AG’s Chinese social media activities for years. As experts in this area, they know the key to successful social media marketing is a complete strategy with specific goals, a keen understanding of the target audience, and a focus on the results they aim to achieve.

By continually providing different and innovative content to Andermatt Swiss Alps AG’s Chinese readers via social media platforms, including striking graphic design and creative subject matter, Tolmao Group has effectively portrayed the company’s elegant and high-end style integrated in China, which has contributed to their brand promotion and business growth.


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