WeChat Marketing

Reach Chinese Audiences Faster Efficiently Effectively

Account Registration
Save your time with quick WeChat official account registration and let us guide you in the right direction.
WeChat Management
Create an editorial calendar for localized content and schedule campaign activation.
Creative Design
We ensure that multiple creative visual designs are created and optimized to appeal to your target customers.

WeChat Channel Registration

Set up a WeChat channel account for your brand to reach your potential customers with short videos. This is a great way to increase awareness of your brand.

WeChat Channel Management

Produce videos tailored to your local audience. We work with you to find the right core message and content direction.

WeChat Ads Management

We will help you set up your WeChat ad account, plan your quarterly and annual budgets to optimize your marketing spend and help you get the most out of your efforts.

WeChat Mini Program

The mini program is used by many brands to complement their marketing efforts and reach potential customers. We can help you find the right design and features to better serve your customers.

WeChat E-commerce

Set up your WeChat e-commerce with Tolmao Group’s cost-effective solutions and start reaching millions of users in China.

WeChat Menu and CRM

WeChat works on the basis of links and QR codes. We can help you set up the right WeChat menu strategy that serves as a brand website tab, and integrate with the right CRM tools so you can better store customer contacts.

WeChat Influencer Marketing

Leverage the potential of WeChat influencers and drive traffic to your WeChat account through CTAs. We help you identify, analyze, and manage the right influencers, including KOL and KOC, that fit your brand’s identity and reach the desired ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please follow this WeChat official account where they announce latest updates and regulations on WeChat official account.

Using WeChat official account to conduct one’s own media activities simply means conducting one to many media activities. For example, companies have developed an interactive online and offline marketing method for WeChat by applying for a WeChat official service number and displaying the company’s official WeChat website, WeChat members, WeChat push, WeChat payment, WeChat activities, WeChat registration, WeChat sharing and WeChat business card through secondary development.

The WeChat mini program is an application that can be used without downloading and installing. Users can open the application by scanning or searching. WeChat mini program, WeChat subscription account, WeChat service account and WeCom are parallel systems.

Close-up image of person texting or using application

WeChat Channel is the official WeChat platform of Tencent, which officially announced the opening of an internal test on January 22, 2020. WeChat channel is different from WeChat subscription account and WeCha service account. It is not only a new platform for recording and creating content, but also a platform to understand others and the world. The location of the WeChat channel is also different.

It is located on the discovery page of WeChat, just below the entrance of the circle of friends. The content of the WeChat video channel consists mainly of pictures and videos. It can post videos with a maximum length of 1 minute or a maximum of 9 images. It can also contain text and links to articles from the official account. It does not need PC background and can be published directly on the cell phone. The WeChat channel supports Likes and comments for interaction and can also be forwarded to the circle of friends and chat scenes to share it with friends.

Content is king. If you want to increase brand awareness through creative visual content, content distribution is vital to your marketing success.

WeChat and Weibo both have different user demographics, and yet their posting mechanisms are different. WeChat’s ecosystem and protection of user privacy are more in favor of marketing to a close circle of friends. Weibo is considered a Chinese “Twitter,” widely used by government and official accounts to disseminate news in real time.

Since the amount of content that can be posted through official WeChat accounts is limited, users use Weibo to get first-hand information through hashtags and trending topics. For example, Weibo is often used by users to review Covid-related situations.

Depending on the nature of your business, how rich your visual gallery is, whether you have video content, gifs, original content, designed images, and what CTAs you want to set, you can try one platform and measure the results you want or try both and see if you have enough content or team members or partners who can help you achieve the goal you have in mind.

WeChat channels offer a great opportunity for brands to reach their customers and market their brands in China. Due to the boom in the short video market, brands and businesses are starting to look at WeChat channels as an important marketing strategy. As a brand, you can tailor the content of your WeChat channel specifically to your existing audience and connect your channel to your official WeChat account as a “sub-account” of your brand.

WeChat has a new feature-File transfer without logging in!

In addition to social use, WeChat is also a software used by many people in the office.
I think many people have encountered such a “difficult problem” before, uploading a large file, but logging into someone else’s computer, some of the private chats were also synchronises ,which is more or less annoying.

First, update the computer version of WeChat,open the computer version of WeChat.
Search for newest versions in the settings, update the new version of WeChat.After updating, you no longer need to log in to the computer version of WeChat, you can transfer files directly.
Open the computer version of WeChat, the words “Transfer files only” will appear at the bottom.
On the page that appears later, scan the code with WeChat on your mobile phone.

The QR code will be dynamically updated here, do not worry about operating errors.After scanning the code, you can use this new function, use mobile phone and computer to exchange pictures, files, links, etc.In this state, the notification bar is at the bottom right of the computer.There is no WeChat icon.You can not chat, only file transfers can be done.It’s the same on the phone.Web version file transfer tips, do not forget to log out in time.The new feature works with WeChat scan code login.It is currently available at the same time.Scan the code and log in. “Two devices have signed in to WeChat” will be displayed on the mobile device.

If you only transfer files to a computer you do not use very often, be sure to opt out of the feature on your phone or computer ahead of time. Find the word “web version file transfer assistance has been opened” on WeChat on your mobile phone, click “Exit” “web version file transfer assistance” interface, click on the cross.

WeChat payment can be opened by binding a bank card. You just need to bind a bank card and set a password. Operation: Open WeChat – I – Payment – Wallet – Bank card, and enter the bank card binding. Complete transactions in WeChat, directly add bank cards and open WeChat payment.

To apply for an official WeChat account, you first need to open the browser on your computer, find the official WeChat account registration platform, click on the official website to access the link(https://mp.weixin.qq.com), and then click on “Register Now” at the top right of the page to see the available registration types, then click on the subscription number, enter the relevant basic information, and finally click on Register.