Social Media Management

Content Strategy
We work together with you to create content strategy and editorial calendar to define your marketing goals and set priorities.
Social Media Set-up
We will help you set up your brand on all major social networks in China in the most cost efficient way in short period of time.
WeChat Marketing
WeChat is one of the most powerful tool for companies to use in marketing in China. To leverage to its fullest potential, we can help you excel in the Chinese marketplace.
Weibo Marketing
Weibo, one of the Chinese most famous social network, it allows businesses to build brand awareness and gain popularity if done right.
Douyin Marketing
Maximize your sales with localized content strategy and influencer marketing. Reach your potential customers in a most creative way possible.
Zhihu Marketing
Become industry and product brand awareness through educational content and professional advice. We work with you to define a tailor made strategy that works for your business.
Little Red Book Marketing
Increase your sales revenue with localized campaign activate and influencer marketing.
Campaign Actication
Activate social media campaign that is engaging and influence the brand image.
Lead Generation
Through marketing automation tools, identify qualified MQLs and through social media distribution strategy, convert them to SQLs.