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Dianping app can attract more customers to your restaurant

In today’s competitive and ever-changing environment, how to stay competitive is the big question frequently on many small business owners’ minds.

Big brands like Tim Hortons and Shake Shack continue to invest in China. But is it easy to succeed? Competition among restaurants is fierce, so you need a plan.

Leverage influencer marketing

Is paying a social media influencer to promote your products a brilliant move or a scam? Working with authentic creators whose followers match your target audiences is worth spending money on.

Marketing budgets can be tight for small businesses, alternatively you could work with a KOC (Key Opinion Customer) by giving them special treatment. KOC is the newest form of influencers in. China, who love to share their genuine product reviews on the popular social media. Give your customers different ways to express and share themselves. Let them become your brand ambassadors.

Dianping, the must have key Third-party platform

Now that customers in China are embracing technology in all aspects of their lives, the hospitality industry is especially aware of the need to adapt in the age of digital transformation. 

Dianping is a Chinese online-to-offline life service in China that enables users to find local restaurants, hotels and stores. With Dianping, you can track customer information, reservations, orders and more. You can use this information to create guest profiles that allow you to personalize experiences on a large scale, leading to stronger customer loyalty.