Seasonal Marketing Strategies:Utilizing What Spring Has to Offer

Seasonal Marketing Strategies:Utilizing What Spring Has to Offer

Is your business running smoothly during the coronavirus outbreak? Are you getting the results you want? Or is it time to try something new?

Spring is the season of renewal. It is the season for a fresh start. Here are some inspiring March marketing strategies to help you start working in the office with a refreshed mindset and utilize what spring has to offer.

Take a look at below upcoming March holidays, events and themes that can be relevant to your brand. Use them as inspiration to create your own ideas:

March Marketing Campaign Tips


March 1st  International Day of the Seal 国际海豹日

March 3rd  Ear Care Day 全国爱耳日
March 5th  Insects awaken 惊蛰 Lei Feng Memorial Day全国学雷锋日

March 7th  Girls’ Day女生节

March 8th  Women’s Day 妇女节

March 12th  Arbor Day植树节

March 14th White Valentine’s day 白色情人节
March 15th World Consumer Rights Day消费者权益日

March 17th  International Navigation Day国际航海日

March 20th  the Spring Equinox 春分 International Day of Happiness国际幸福日

March 21st World Sleep Day国际睡眠日

March 22nd World Water Day 世界节水日

March 24th World Tuberculosis Day 世界防治肺结核日

March 28th Earth hour 地球一小时


Idea #1: Classic giveaways

Women’s Day: Offer a free or discounted product to the hard-working ladies out there on this day. Not only will your brand be showing it cares about women that make a difference, it’ll be getting into the conversation surrounding this day. Use this opportunity to show off your new spring range – or make space by clearing out old products.

Idea #2: Animated Graphics

Insects awaken 惊蛰or the Spring Equinox 春分: Create an animated flyer. This is a creative way to get your brand involved in this holiday. Flyers are tangible and cost effective. When done right, they can reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Idea #3: Affiliate Program

This outbreak brings a lot of unforeseen challenges for people living and working in China. While there are a lot of people got laid-off or being forced to take unpaid leave, having different sources of income becomes top priority. Creating Earn commission with affiliate program campaigns could be win-win situation for marketers. Not only you will be creating new opportunities, but also you will get valuable exposure. And the best ambassadors for your brand are… your customers!

Idea #4: Sponsor Livestreaming Events

To get involved with the local community and build strategic partnership is to sponsor online events – especially when offline events are limited these days! Focus on what your main business is about, sponsor livestreaming events to spread the words, it can be a great way to promote your brand and products.

Idea #5: Creative Online Contests

The sun is shining, and the flowers are in bloom. Ask your followers to take part in creative online contests with themes related to spring.

You can give your followers a chance to express their creativity and share their feelings with your brand. When you ask your customers to share their photos and videos, you make them feel valued and respected. What’s more, these visual assets would be great for you to use it on your social media platforms.

Idea #6: Try Out New Things

“Spring is a time to clean out the old and bring in the new.”

Allocate small budgets to try some new marketing initiatives, such as redesign your website, reach out to key opinion consumers and improve your customer service. The key is to test something new this season. See whether new tactics works and plan for the next season.

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