Recap: 2020 WeForShe Leading the Way

Recap: 2020 WeForShe Leading the Way
AmCham Shanghai’s Women’s Executive Network 5th Annual Conference-
2020 WeForShe Leading the Way
Tolmao Group was proud to participate in the AmCham Shanghai’s Women’s Executive Network 5th Annual Conference. It was a great learning experience to learn from inspiring women who share their stories and insights living and working in China and encourage us to follow a particular career path and become empowered.
・What We Stand For・
Gender equality is not only a fundamental right but also a necessity for peace in the world.
1. Women’s Empowerment 
Still today, in 2020, most of the industries tend to have more men than women. According to the WeForShe conference held on June 12 in Shanghai, the majority of the banking industry still struggles to hire women. Women also only make and receive 70% of the benefits from what men usually receive. Strengthening gender equality can build a healthier society and a more stable economy. We want to make a change.
Hearing some of the greatest women leaders all around the world was genuinely astonishing. I am quoting one of the leaders. If we want to make a change and become of the leaders in the world, we need to experience the world because it opens another door to being international and global. Learn from reading and traveling; see more things. Appreciate overseas experiences, and if you immerse yourself only then, you can truly understand and appreciate other cultures.
As strong women are independent and go forward with your ideas, create your path, don’t doubt yourself about the choices and the decisions that you have made.  March ahead with bravery, there will be times of failure, but don’t stop and have no regrets because it will all work out in the end. Snooze you Lose, so ladies! Don’t overthink it because if you miss it, then you can’t go back. Be confident in your own decisions. 
2. How to be a Leader 
In 2020 millennials are the majority.
Nowadays, people have no idea what it’s like to be without a cellphone, internet, nor social media. The world has become so much easier to communicate fast and efficiently. We want to, when being a leader, try to communicate with our employees and put ourselves in their shoes and want to understand their needs.
Becoming one strong woman leader takes bravery but also empathy because more than money and power, winning people’s hearts is the right way of being a leader. Listen to your surroundings, and learn from them, empower them. As your team becomes more robust, you, yourself, become much more potent as a leader.
“An outstanding leader is to be OPTIMISTIC”, said Vivian Tian, the global VP & General Manager eBay China Center of Excellence. Always have hope because having hope will not only lessen your anxiety and panic but help solve problems efficiently. Optimism gives you hope and significant innovations.
・ Take Away ・
Disney used to have a passive role for women, but now it’s different. Our society is making progress slowly, and we want to be a part of women’s empowerment. Making the first move statically is known to have a better outcome; it’s essential for you to create your future because no one takes that rule.
Find what motivates you. Your own experiences determine to understand who you are and what you want. The most significant competitor in this world is yourself and finishing the goal you have made for yourself. In speaker experiences people have patterns so people will trip over the same stone over and over unless you understand the deepest part of the cause of the problem, you do not want it to become a habit.
All the mentors on the stage at the conference had said change your attitude towards failures and be glad to face challenges and failures. Failures are definite opportunities to have self-awareness and understanding. If you understand yourself well enough, then others will too be on the same page as you are. The women in their basic instincts care more about protection, provide safety and compassion. A leader cannot crumble in crisis stay alert. It is our instinct.

Photo credit: Amcham

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