Post COVID-19 travel plans and tips

Post COVID-19 travel plans and tips

The lockdown is released gradually all over the world. Hooray!!
Here’s our online travel plans and tips for the post COVID19 during the rest of 2020!


微博 Weibo: Twitter
This is a platform user can upload pictures and videos publicly for instant sharing, with other users being able to comment with text, pictures, and videos, or use a multimedia instant messaging service.

小红书(Xiao Hong Shu) Little Red Book: Instagram
An app to post and share product reviews, travel blogs, and lifestyle stories via short videos and photos. You can also shop on it.

淘宝 (Tao Bao): Amazon
TaoBao is an online shopping website.

微视 (Wei Shi): Tiktok, Vine
This is an app user can shoot, edit, and share 60-second videos.

饿了么 (E Le Ma): Uber Eats
It’s not just an app for ordering food, but also a combination of package pick-up and delivery, queuing and purchasing services, ordering of grocery and other services.

抖音(Dou Yin) Tiktok: Vine
This is an app user can shoot, edit, and share 15-second videos.

bilibili: Youtube
It’s a video-sharing website. It allows users to submit, view, and add commentary subtitles on videos.

微信 (Wei Xin) WeChat: WhatsApp, Line
WeChat is a complex application, which can be used to contact your friends, post social status, order food, play games, etc.

知乎 (Zhi Hu): Quora
This is a Chinese question-and-answer website where questions are created, answered, edited, and organized by the community of its users.

Bon voyage! And hoping we can go travel offline again soon!

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