October marketing ideas for China market [2022]

October marketing ideas for China market [2022]

Oct 1st to 7th National Day of the People’s Republic of China

As a public holiday, National Day is the 7-day holiday we look forward to the most, along with Spring Festival. Tourism, consumption and photography are standard on National Day, and the marketing of merchants throughout the industry is also full of tricks during the festival.

Plan an event related to travel photos, that is, no extra time and too much operation for users, but also to get gifts, greatly increase participation, for brands can also use this to increase exposure and sales during the national holiday.

October 4th World Animal Day

October 5th World Housing Day

The United Nations has designated the first Monday in October of each year as World Housing Day to commemorate the housing situation of people and the right of everyone to adequate housing. Purpose of Establishment As people’s living conditions continue to deteriorate under the pressure of rapid population growth, the issue of human housing is of increasing importance

October 8 Cold Dews
Every year around October 8, the festival of the “Cold Dews” begins. Cold dew means that the temperature is low, the dew on the ground is cold and about to condense into frost. Before and after the “cold dew” is the most important time for late rice in southern China to pull the ears and flowers. If the low temperature is affected during this period, it will lead to empty husks and grains, and thus reduce the yield, which is commonly known as “cold dew”.

Hot topics: cool weather, nutrition, health, traditional culture, clothing
Hot topics: Weather turning cold.

October 14 Double Ninth Festival

As a traditional festival, Double Ninth Festival is very important. Celebrating the Double Ninth Festival generally includes traveling to enjoy autumn, climbing to high places, looking at chrysanthemums, planting chrysanthemums, eating Ninth Cakes, drinking chrysanthemum wine, etc. In response to these customs, the brand can take up warm themes related to respect for the elderly and companionship, which are deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

Celebrating the Double Ninth Festival usually includes activities such as going out to enjoy autumn, climbing high and looking, looking at chrysanthemums, planting roses, eating Ninth Cakes, drinking chrysanthemum wine and so on

Marketing keywords: climb up, respect for the elderly, enter autumn
Suitable for the following industries: Hospitality, education, tourism, florists, pharmacies, physiotherapy salons.

Recommended campaign activation: voting + competition

October 16th World Food Day

World Food Day (WFD) is a day when governments around the world commemorate 16 October around the development of food and agricultural production.

October 23rd Frost’s Descent 

October 23 will usher in the last festival of autumn: frost The “2021 Chinese Astronomical Annual Calendar” shows that at 12:51 Beijing time on October 23, the “Frost’s Descent” festival will be ushered in.

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