Mini Programs: An Important Marketing Tool in China

Mini Programs: An Important Marketing Tool in China

Mini programs are lightweight apps within a multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment ecosystem, like WeChat or Alipay, that allow users to perform a variety of services from a single platform. Whether accessing them through a direct search, by scanning a QR code, or through links on an official account, users have access to an abundance of information and activities on their mobile devices and brands have access to a flourishing platform for e-commerce in China. Mini programs are used for doing almost everything in China today, like shopping, perusing social media feeds, sharing information, booking travel arrangements, ordering food, and paying bills, just to name a few.

Mini program: 路易威登SneakersStore (Louis VuittonSneakersStore)

Based on their popularity, many brands are using mini programs as an effective marketing tool to expand their business. They provide the freedom of a company website with access to a diverse ecosystem and an enormous audience. Additionally, brands can incorporate glitzy pictures and videos, regularly connect with existing customers, and analyze user data for more targeted promotion. Most importantly, consumers are more likely to share valued products and promotions with family and friends through mini programs, because it is easy and often more visually appealing than a link.

Brands across all industries, ranging from luxury to start-up, are promoting their products and services to millions of consumers through mini programs. And, they are doing it in a variety of ways. Some brands use mini-programs to launch their campaign and to generate e-commerce. Others use them to share information and to acquire new customers. Users find mini programs attractive because of their convenience. They can easily shop different businesses at their fingertips and make the most of loyalty programs.

Mini program: 星巴克用星说 ( Starbucks yong xing shuo)

Mini programs are no longer a trend, but a valuable part of marketing campaigns in China. With multiple functions in a single mini program, users can purchase products and services without leaving other apps. Based on their prominence, brands can stay connected to their existing customers, personalize promotions, and target new patrons to grow their business. Overall, mini programs are easy to use, cost-efficient, and effective.

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