Massage Chairs Are No Longer a Trend

As the digital revolution in China continues and technology becomes less of a luxury and more of a necessity in the country’s culture of automation and innovation, local businesses are quickly adapting to changes. One such change is the electric massage chair, which has gained popularity in hotels, airports, cafes, and malls. It’s not surprising, since massage therapy is one of the oldest and most effective ways to relax the body and the mind. Not only do massages relieve back, shoulder, and neck pain, they soothe anxiety, alleviate depression, help maintain proper posture, and improve circulation.

Demand for electric massage chairs has been growing steadily as more Chinese people seek attention similar to that of a professional masseuse or masseur amidst their busy lifestyles. Initially favored by people between the ages of late 40s to 50s, the health-conscious younger generations are finding them appealing, as well.

Why are they so well-liked? A massage chair kneads and relieves sore muscles with just the push of a button. It caters to a variety of different body shapes. When a person sits down, the chair detects their body size and automatically adjusts the leg rest and shoulder height position for the perfect massage. It also massages their entire body, including the soles of the feet. The person can choose different settings, which allows them to target specific areas of their body, like their back or shoulders, and adjust the intensity to their preference. Some higher-end models of electric massage chairs can even determine how tense a person’s muscles are based on their heartbeat and temperature, and then provide them with the most suitable massage. Ultimately, massages are refreshing, stress relieving, and therapeutic at the end of a long day!

Besides the actual bodywork, massage chairs are easy to use and reasonably priced. Cost varies between 10RMB to 60RMB based on the amount of time someone wants for a massage chair experience. Payment is trouble-free by mobile phones, providing a QR code to scan, discounts for repurchases, and chances to win coupons.

Most importantly, they are available and accessible in common locations. Everyone needs some relaxation and stress relief, but with busy lifestyles people don’t have the time. A massage chair is a way for people to treat themselves to some well-deserved relaxation. Business professionals use them during lunch hours or while traveling. Mothers use them together after sending their children to school. And, others just enjoy the soothing experience.

Due to the high-demand for massage services for relaxation from stressful everyday life, hectic schedules, and high-end technologies mimicking human touch from masseuses and masseurs, the craze has become mainstream. Some businesses in China have updated their workplaces to be more luxurious with massage chairs for employees to rejuvenate during the day. Cherished most by those who have demanding schedules, work long hours at a desk, or often stand on their feet for lengthy periods of time, it establishes a “feel-good” atmosphere that helps reduce stress, promote creativity, improve moral, and increase productivity.

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