Marketing in the New Year

Marketing in the New Year

With the new year upon us, so are marketing plans for 2020. What trends are hot and should be part of your strategy?

Technology will be advantageous as consumers want products and services to be cheaper, faster and more convenient. Digitization, automation and AI will be a big trend in 2020.

All the automated interactions have brands considering ways to make selling “human” again. As they focus on consumers, tactics will shift from persuading them to buy to offering a “customer experience” that is efficient, friendly and easy. Favorable experiences will be a key factor in buying decisions.

Visual content is another trend. Research shows that visuals get attention and consumers are more likely to buy products after watching a video. Live video will be especially popular as it’s engaging and adds to the experience.

As brands market to consumers on multiple channels, personalization will be more important to stand out. And with advanced data collection, it’s becoming simpler to connect with consumers – everything from content to design to product recommendations can be customized.

Above all, content marketing will continue to dictate results next year. The most effective efforts will be creative and data-driven.

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