Marketing in China: The Power of a Local Partner

<strong>Marketing in China: The Power of a Local Partner</strong>

China’s outlook for investment in 2023 and beyond is strong. As the country fully reopens following its zero COVID policies, it is resurfacing as a profitable marketplace. Boasting the biggest e-commerce market in the world, China marketing is an attractive option for business expansion, offering vast potential for Brands.

However, doing business in China means having a marketing strategy specific to the rules and customs of the Chinese market. From e-commerce to digital advertising to social media, there are distinct requirements as well as certain channels and platforms for reaching target audiences. Understanding these rules and cultural differences is essential. This is why having a local partner is key to successfully selling products and services to the Chinese market. A local partner knows the country requirements, like licenses needed to sell and advertise products, and has access to the popular marketing platforms, like WeChat and Baidu. Besides understanding Chinese consumer behavior habits, a local partner is connected to local resources and has experience in developing marketing plans and strategies that are properly placed for greatest brand awareness, communication and e-commerce.

The most efficient way for Brands to navigate China’s complexities, avoid common pitfalls, ensure cost efficiency, and be successful in this vast and competitive market is to partner with a local marketing agency that knows the language, culture, rules and regulations. The following are just some of the ways a local partner can support the marketing efforts of Brands doing business in China:

  • Market research and trends – Digital is an important trend because China’s population is digitally-focused. A local partner can help build a strong digital presence by assisting with Chinese metadata and tags, localizing websites and optimizing the use of mobile phones to build brand recognition and reputation.
  • Social media advertising – Besides being experts in targeting Chinese consumers on social media, a local partner is familiar with the demographics associated with each social media platform and armed with the know-how and experience to develop customize ad placements for these platforms.
  • Influencer marketing – A local partner knows the value of KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and KOC (Key Opinion Consumers) for increasing the visibility of a Brand’s product or service. Most importantly, they understand the significance for building trust in the Brand for generating sales among consumers.
  • E-commerce marketing – China’s large e-commerce market is tied to the country’s social media platforms, like Alibaba’s Tmall and Tencent’s Weidian. A local partner knows how to leverage these channels for promotion. They also utilize tools like Livestream, which provides interactive shopping with discounts and flash sales, to drive sales.
  • Strategic planning support – Doing business in China can be overwhelming and challenging to know where to start and with which campaign. A local partner can provide strategic guidance on content development, channel planning and product seeding to maximize exposure and results.

The Chinese market is fast-paced, and innovative approaches as well as consumer behavior is constantly evolving. For assistance marketing products and services in China, Tolmao Group is an ideal local partner. A full-service agency with headquarters in Shanghai, they specialize in integrated marketing solutions that meet goals and obtain results for Brands.

As a one-stop business solution provider, Tolmao Group’s expertise ranges from market research, online content creation and social media management to campaign activation and event planning. They have a deep understanding of China’s marketplace and specialize in creating innovative ideas for their client’s specific needs. Additionally, they are knowledgeable in the latest and most effective sales and marketing methods for selling products and services to Chinese consumers. For more information, contact Tolmao Group.

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