Let's face the world we live in

Let’s face the world we live in

In the digital world we live in,are you equipped to adapt to ever changing business dynamics?

Across many industries, large organizations have failed and gone bankrupt, due to a lack of agility to adapt to changes in market dynamics; they considered themselves too big to fail or immune to market changes. Whether it is the lack of motivation or the “inability to adapt,”these excuses are no longer valid; in today’s world, the ability to adapt to necessary changes is no longer a choice unless you are willing to risk failure.

We’re in an age where mobile Internet reigns supreme.  Businesses need to make sure they’re ready for a potential customer to make purchases, get in contact with them, or easily find information from anywhere and everywhere they can about the quality of service that they offer.

Marketing in China moves fast…

Chinese operating systems and digital consumer behavior are vastly different to the other countries. If you look at the mobile penetration in this rapidly developing market you will want to be in it. No doubt, mobile Internet is hot. The users are ready, but the marketers aren’t!

If we want to reach our audience on mobile, we have to make sure our mobile capabilities are ready. Do we have a mobile-friendly website? Do we have the best payment gateway options forour ecommerce store in China? Do we have the most effective channels for customer support?

At Tolmao’s previous networking event, we conducted live voting. 54% of attendees claimed their mobile sites were ready.I saw some of them. They were developed by HTML 5 and everything looked good.

However, there are still some neglected facts that digital marketers should know about.

Mobile and social media are intricately linked

Any discussion about how to reach and serve people using smart-phones in China almost certainly must begin with social media.

The demographics of social media users in China have been shifting as smart-phones become increasingly popular and affordable.

Mobile and social functions should be linked,because the audience behavior and the audience itself, often overlaps.

You are already aware that social media platforms are a great place to build brand awareness. They’re also pretty goodat helping you interact with your audience. Social media is also being used by consumers to make a purchase after reading a referral on a social media platform.

Therefore, your mobile strategy should integrate with your social media platforms. This includes creating shareable and purpose-driven social media content, building your multi-channel customer support and making the payment process easy for on-line customers.

The Chinese web is in some ways a different place.

Political censorship is built into all layers of China’s Internet infrastructure. Known widely in the media as the “Great Firewall of China,” this aspect of Chinese official censorship primarily targets the movement of information between the global and the Chinese Internet.

In China the censorship applied to the Internet is constant. This means, you need to learn how to deal with it.

The best way to get around it, is to stay updated on the latest digital marketing trends in China. We can help you avoid censorship issues, and help you penetrate the hugely profitable Chinese marketplace.

To discover more about website development in a mobile age, join us this Feb 28th Workshop: “Designing for China’s Web 2016”.

Our Designing for China’s Web 2016 Workshop is suitable for beginners and novices, as well as those who already have some experience with web development.

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