KOLs Are a Viable Part of Influencer Marketing Strategies

KOLs Are a Viable Part of Influencer Marketing Strategies

As one of the most promising markets in the world, hundreds of brands are entering China’s market every day. In recent years, Chinese consumers have shifted toward online platforms for purchasing products rather than going to brick-and-mortar stores, and China’s e-commerce has soared. Moreover, the recent pandemic has propelled e-commerce, increasing dependence on smartphones and other electronic devices. To be successful in China, brands need to focus on e-commerce and plan marketing campaigns around specific events.

Single’s Day or “Double Eleven” on November 11 is one such event. This 24-hour super discount event initially launched by Taobao (Alibaba) is utilized by all major players of e-commerce. It has become an anticipated event in China that can lead to increased sales with a strategic marketing plan.

For brands, Double Eleven is an ideal time to launch new products as well as sell out-of-season stock. Marketing tactics, such as special deals and discounts on pre-purchases, are popular because they help build hype among customers. Discount incentive-based campaigns typically offer rewards in exchange for brand-building behaviors. While the type of reward varies from reduced prices and free gifts to reward points and VIP access to new products, the goal is the same – to proactively show that the customer’s business is valued and generous offers are available for their support. 

In addition to purchases, which is the most commonly targeted consumer behavior, incentive-based marketing strategies are used to solicit information, drive loyalty program sign-ups or app downloads, generate reviews and social media shares, boost referrals, and encourage repeat purchases and purchases of new products.

While many brands employ discount incentive-based campaigns, it is not the only strategy that can benefit a brand’s marketing efforts and help achieve sales goals for long-term success.

With advancements in social media, influencer marketing has become an effective way for brands to communicate directly with their followers. Paid partnerships with the right influencers enable brands to promote their products on e-commerce platforms with endorsement. This strategy is effective because influencers have established a reputation for being experts on a specific topic. They regularly post, stream or blog about the topic, generating engagement from followers.

With new approaches influencing online marketing, KOLs have become popular tool for marketing strategies because their opinions are respected by the public based on their reputation.

They have gained the status of experts in their fields that comes with a sense of authority. These celebrities are beneficial for marketing for a number of reasons. Besides having respect from their followers, their opinions attract attention and they are viewed as credible. Li Jiaqi, the KOL makeup leader known as “Lipstick King” is a good example. He quickly decides if a lipstick is going to be a success or a failure, and since millions of people follow his recommendations for purchasing makeup, he is a viable part of marketing strategies. Beyond makeup products, Li Jiaqi’s notoriety has extended to promoting charity work with rural farmers as well as post-pandemic efforts.

Clearly, promoting products and services with KOLs creates brand awareness among consumers and increase sales. Yet, the right KOL is key. When choosing a KOL, it is important to consider industry specifics for best fit, focus on long-term plans and deliver quality content. As the Double Eleven shopping festival approaches, partnering with a marketing company like Tolmao Group can enhance results. They know how to select KOLs for specific brands, use these renowned individuals to help promote products or services and implement successful marketing strategies that achieve results. For more information, visit https://tolmaogroup.com/.

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