TouTiao has launched the “Content Supervision Officer” program

TouTiao has launched the “Content Supervision Officer” program

On December 20, Chen Xi, the president of TouTiao, announced at the 7th Toutiao Annual Creator Conference that TouTiao will launch a series of content support plans such as the “Content Supervision Officer” to support high-quality content creators in terms of traffic, sharing and operation services.

It is understood that in the coming months, TouTiao will invite “1 million” experts from various fields among TouTiao users to act as “Content Supervision Officer” to evaluate the quality of TouTiao content. The results of the evaluation will affect the subsequent distribution of the flow of data, the calculation of the release coefficient and the distribution of various other rights and interests.

As for TouTiao, the high-quality original content assessed by the “Content Supervision Officer” is expected to receive more than 1.5 billion additional reads per day, the total flow of high-quality content will reach more than three times the current one, and the group’s total revenue will increase by five times.

In addition, TouTiao has released several plans to promote creators, including the plan to support small and medium-sized authors.

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