JD is open for retail sellers: anyone can register JD stores and offer 12 support policies

JD is open for retail sellers: anyone can register JD stores and offer 12 support policies

According to information from IT Home, JD officially announced on January 12 that it will support individual users and independent households to set up store. For the exact differences, please refer to Taobao‘s C and B stores.

At the same time, in response to the national policy to stabilize employment and promote entrepreneurship, JD announced its “spring start-up plan” and introduced 12 supporting measures, including the fast entry channel, the “0 yuan trial operation” and the 2100 yuan “gift package for new stores”, to increase support for enterprises and reduce the burden and increase income for enterprises.

The fastest time to open a business is 10 minutes

Individual sellers, i.e. natural persons, can register “JD Stores” via JD APP, Jingmai APP, JD Merchants Applet, JD Merchants WeChat official account and other mobile terminals, and the store can be opened in 10 minutes at the earliest.

Introduction of “0 yuan trial operation”

In addition to easing the entry threshold for enterprises, JD has also offered a series of support measures this time. It is understood that most new stores of “JD Stores” can benefit from a 90-day “Zero Yuan Trial Operation” policy, during which no deposit is required.

In addition, policies such as the “Zero yuan trial operation” will also be popularized for most new enterprises opening enterprise stores.

Cancel platform usage fee

All “JD Store” enterprises also do not have to pay a platform usage fee. About 60% of “JD Store” enterprises enjoy a 0% technical service fee, and the profit margin of some “JD Store” enterprises has dropped by 80%.

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