Interactive Marketing Helps Brands Build Customer Connections and Commitment

Interactive Marketing Helps Brands Build Customer Connections and Commitment

In today’s marketplace in which consumers have numerous options for everything, Brands must constantly compete for customer attention. While customers often make purchasing decisions based on how they interact with the Brand, engaging customers is just as important as providing excellent products and services. Real, authentic connections with customers through interactive marketing can help Brands differentiate their products, stay ahead of the competition and ensure continued loyalty. 

So, what is interactive marketing? 

Interactive marketing is a marketing approach that focuses on customers’ behaviors and preferences. By connecting with customers, reacting to their needs and meeting their expectations and demands, Brands can share content that is specific and relevant to them.

There are several types of interactive marketing, including visual storytelling, personalized content, layered information and two-way interaction. Regardless of the type, the goal is the same – to make content engaging:

  • Interactive Storytelling – The more dynamic the content the better. Adding an animation or infographic to a blog post, creating native ads with mixed media elements and including videos with posts and landing pages heavy with text are just a few popular examples.
  • Personalized Content – Assessing customer data like demographics, geography and shopping habits allows for creating relevant content and offers. Personalized content leads to more meaningful experiences for customers since they will be more apt to interact with it.
  • Layered Information – Delivering content in increments not only educates customers, but it provides the ability to share content through quick, easy-to-read snippets followed by more detailed, informative information for those who want to know more.
  • Two-Way Interaction – Interaction allows customers to be active participants. Interactive tools such as surveys, polls, quizzes, calculators, web games and videos provide a more meaningful and memorable experience. 

There are substantial advantages to using interactive marketing. The most significant is that it provides a holistic and personalized experience for consumers, and studies show that consumers are willing to pay more if their purchases are accompanied with unique and meaningful experiences. Besides creating customer connections, with interactive marketing Brands build trust and commitment. And since interactive marketing is based on customer behaviors and desires, it reduces risk, results in more conversions and increases sales. 

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