Influencer Marketing: A Top Trend in 2020

Influencer Marketing: A Top Trend in 2020

Pay attention to influencer marketing next year. A type of marketing that uses a popular third party to endorse a brand, its impact is changing with social media and technology.

While influencers are typically well-known celebrities with a big following, they now include less famous people with a strong online presence. Unlike celebrities, these influencers engage with followers on a personal level, which keeps them loyal. Since they’re perceived as experts in their areas as well as peers, their advice is considered more authentic. Consumers tend to trust what they say more than what brands say about themselves.

With continuous advancements in technology, influencer marketing is becoming easier and faster. AI in particular is helping to identify influencers with high engagement and chance for promoting a brand and generating leads. It’s also transforming influencer marketing with new information like data to determine level of influence and image recognition.

Like any approach, influencer marketing requires planning. Be sure to consider the relevance of the influencer to your product and industry, how extensive their following is for sharing content, and how well they interact with their followers.

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