How to Reach Chinese Consumers in 2019?

How to Reach Chinese Consumers in 2019?

Chinese market is becoming one of the biggest one in the World. In order to reach Chinese customers, you need to understand it, and to follow the trends, since they are changing every year. The market is very complex and sometimes it is difficult to follow up with numbers of new applications launching all the time. We will give you few insights what could be the best way to reach your audience in 2019.

#1. Make a Website in Chinese (Mandarin) and Adapt it to Chinese Standards

Because of China’s Great Firewall, Chinese customers rarely use Google and Bing. The key search engine in China is Baidu, which is not very good at reading other languages apart from Chinese. It is important to buy a domain .cn, to make sure your website will pop up in the searches and it won’t be blocked. The content of the website has to be in Chinese also, so it appears on Baidu search. The best way of translating your website is to hire a native speaker, in order to make sure that everything is correct. Native speakers usually understand the market better, so they will know how to design the website and to adapt its aesthetics to Chinese standards and attract the customers. Mobile channel is something that cannot be ignored in 2019. Statistical reports show that China has an online population of around 800 million and over 95% are using mobile devices when accessing the internet. To learn more about ICP License

#2. Be Familiar With Chinese Social Media Trends

There are two giants of Chinese social media – WeChat and Weibo, which have to be a part of your marketing strategy for Chinese market. WeChat currently has over 1 billion monthly active users and Weibo has over 400 million active users. In order to reach Chinese customers, you need to be present on both. However, new trends cannot be ignored, as apps such as Douyin (internationally known as Tik Tok) and Kuaishou are increasing their popularity and taking over the market. Short videos are becoming a trend, as Chinese customers have increasingly fragmented lifestyles, which allows them to engage better with bite size pieces of content.

#3. Don’t Ignore Lower Tiered Cities in China

Chinese consumers in 1st tiered cities in China are already familiar with international brands. However, 3rd and 4th tiered cities became the river of growth and consumer spending in the second part of 2018 and the trend will continue in 2019. Some of those cities have the population that equals the size of some European counties and with the growth of Chinese economy their population now has higher disposable income and desires for higher-tier goods and services. A great enthusiasm amongst the inhabitants of these cities concerning international brands should be smartly used!

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