How to do content marketing in China?

How to do content marketing in China?

While doing business in China, having a good relationship with your audience is an essential. China has a one-in-a-kind digital world, with very specific consumers behavior, which are allowed to choose between tons of brands who are trying to reach them. Content marketing is a way to connect with your customers. In order to build a successful content marketing strategy, you need to be familiar with the market.

Let‘s first explain what is content marketing .

According to Content Marketing Institute it is a “strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.”

The approach of content marketing is not direct selling, it’s rather educating, entertaining or giving the free information in order to build a relationship with your audience. The major goal is building a community which will eventually turn into a profitable solution.

There are different types of content marketing which include:  blogs, social media posts, videos, info-graphics, images, testimonials, stories, opinions, reviews, the use of hashtags and QR codes etc.

Chinese consumers are very specific. Since they are content driven, brands should pay attention to create a unique content which meets their requirements, rather than just translating the one they use for western market. They need to create a brand story which will intrigue the customers and, in that way, position the brand. Nowadays Chinese people are interested in quality content which is entreating and fun.

Here are some tips how to do content marketing in China:

#define your audience – it’s very important to know who you are targeting. Interest, likes, channels they use, online behavior and similar

#define strategy – decide how often you post, where do you post, which type of content on which platform

#use social media correctly – include hashtags and QR codes. It’s also important to connect your social media accounts to your website.

#use proper design – Chinese people like specific colors. There are some that are consider unlucky thou, so you need to be careful

#make your content fun – adjust your content in order to be fun, engaging and appealing

#use proper keywords in order to increase traffic to your website

#WeChat and Weibo – these are still two social media giants. Pay attention which kind of content you are putting to these specific platforms

#focus on quality

The main thing is to understand your audience. Contact the professionals from Tolmao Agency, who have years of experience in creating quality content localized for Chinese market. You won’t regret your decision!

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